We spend a lot of time as writers trying to decide what to put on the page. We stare at the monitor screen and hope for a revelation, an epiphany or an idea that will lead us to the best writing we have ever done. Staring at the cursor as it hypnotically blinks at us rarely produces a word, let alone a sentence or paragraph. My suggestion is to get out of your chair, put on a pair of shoes and find a park that you can walk in - BY YOURSELF. No distractions but the birds chirping, water gurgling, breezes fluttering, leaves smelling and mind opening, Force a smile on your face, breath deeply and let your senses open to the expansion of creativity. If you have never tried it - what do you have to lose? This is as close to a guarantee as I can get, if you want to know how to become a writer, get outside on a beautiful day and let the world bring inspiration to you.




One of life's most satisfying and fulfilling moments comes right after creating a book - especially your first. Nothing and no one can ever take away the feeling you will get when you see your book in print or click on the digital link to discover your own book, your own title, your thoughts, ideas and creativity on the printed page. In today's fast changing world of publishing, there are scores of resources and companies available to take your completed manuscript and publish it in hard copy and digital formats. A quick search of publishing will turn up millions of pages of sources, resources, opportunities, promises of wealth and fame if you just utilize the services of the sponsor. That's all well and good, although a little bit, "cart before the horse." Just how do you create a book or manuscript that will appeal to readers in the first place?
  • what should you write about?
  • how should it be organized?
  • who would buy it?

THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR is a clear, easy to understand program for writing a non-fiction book. THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR assumes that you do not have a degree in writing but have a need to create a book that will add credibility to your career, open opportunities to speak, train, travel, and so much more. It is targeted toward people who are already busy in their everyday lives but recognize the benefits that adding "author" to their resume, Linkedin profile, Facebook timeline, or Twitter feed will bring. Family histories, personal perspectives, travel experiences, opinions, opportunities to teach, research, great ideas, philosophy, helping others, changing the world at home and abroad, in short, if you ever wanted to create your own non-fiction book - this is the guide you have been hoping for.

OK, so you have read this kind of advertising before and are already tired of the sales pitch - just get me to the bottom line:
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Today, YOU can produce a book on almost any subject and find an audience who will read it. CONTENT IS KING - what does that mean? It means that the world is consuming information on a scale unheard of in history. The internet is gobbling up content voraciously and your entry is through a well-written book that will open up the entire planet to you.
Now is your opportunity to participate in the world of publishing with great content, planned and written like a professional, regardless of your background. With THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR by your side, you have the blueprint for a book that will present you and your writing in the best possible light. Set yourself apart from the run-of-the-mill scam artists by producing the book, or books, that will reflect your professionalism and knowledge. Enter the new, exciting, profitable and expanding world of publishing with a book that is professional in every way.
If your first book is well-written, it sets up everything that follows to grow exponentially.Your readers will be anxiously awaiting your next book and telling their friends about the new author they discovered. Consequently, your readership continues to grow - all because you decided to take the time and energy to create a professional, well-written book based on THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR guide.

"Alright already, I get it. I need to go and spend $9.99 yikes - $4.99, and take a few hours to learn how to write a great selling book! Just point me in the right direction and stop trying to sell me!!!!"

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THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR  is not a "one-size-fits-all" formula in which you are forced to conform to someone else's idea of what a book should be. This approach to writing a book is based on personal experience in 3 different areas, one-on-one coaching with real clients who have written their own books, countless hours spent in the classroom facilitating workshops, and months and months of online research into the very best methods, tips and insider secrets of book writing. You could duplicate this experience and research for yourself if you have the time and patience but why bother when you can receive the benefit of all of this for just $9.99. - make that $4.99!!!!

THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR is a well thought out program for writing a book but you, the author, are not "programmed" into one approach or method. You have complete control over your content and how it is presented. This approach will simply make sure that the main elements of professional book creation are included and offered to your readers in a way that they will love and want more of.

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You can probably tell that I am not a copy writer. That is a different kind of writing skill than I possess but here is something that I do know: there are thousands and thousands of sources of information on how to write a book. It is confusing, sometimes boring, often conflicting and almost counter-productive and mind numbing once you start down the path of learning how to write a book. There is also a very high degree of arrogance exhibited by previously published authors when it comes to talking or helping those people who just want to write a good book and make a difference in the world. That's why I wrote THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR.  I would rather ENCOURAGE first time authors to enter this exciting new world of book creation. I don't see you as competition but rather as support and confirmation that we are truly entering the GOLDEN AGE OF WRITING. There are no barriers any more to being a published author. This is both good and bad. Bad because there is a plethora of poorly written and conceived books out there. But, the opportunities for someone who takes the time to craft a professional book and knows how to let their creativity and personality shine through are limitless. That's what THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR is all about.

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Alright, maybe I haven't bored you but I have bored myself into submission and don't want to read anymore advertising, much less write it. You will find much more value and insight based on real life experience in THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR than I could possibly explain. It is jammed with ideas, tips, insight, explanations and clear instructions and help to get you up and writing and on your way to becoming a published author.

A few of the many things you will learn in THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR:
YES, you can really become an author by committing one hour per day for a few weeks and THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR will show you how. Don't procrastinate any longer. Get in the game, have fun, make money, increase your business exposure, profits and opportunities by writing the book you have been thinking about. Stop thinking and start acting. Act now by purchasing THE ONE HOUR AUTHOR, your personal guide and writing coach.