We spend a lot of time as writers trying to decide what to put on the page. We stare at the monitor screen and hope for a revelation, an epiphany or an idea that will lead us to the best writing we have ever done. Staring at the cursor as it hypnotically blinks at us rarely produces a word, let alone a sentence or paragraph. My suggestion is to get out of your chair, put on a pair of shoes and find a park that you can walk in - BY YOURSELF. No distractions but the birds chirping, water gurgling, breezes fluttering, leaves smelling and mind opening, Force a smile on your face, breath deeply and let your senses open to the expansion of creativity. If you have never tried it - what do you have to lose? This is as close to a guarantee as I can get, if you want to know how to become a writer, get outside on a beautiful day and let the world bring inspiration to you.